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Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010

Michelle Lombardo bikini

Complimenting the female form in this Michelle Lombardo bikini from the 2005 Becca Swimwear collection taken in Belize for the Sports Illustrated swimwear edition.

If you aren't a regular reader: Becca swimsuits are designed by Rebecca V and are our favorite bathing suits for this year 2010.

Becca's bikinis and bathing suits have been featured in top magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Sports Illustrated. Which only shows that Becca designs luxurious bathing suits both sexy and sporty but foremost complementing your female form.

Some of Becca's bathing suits are eco friendly, which now is more relevant than ever since the oil disaster caused by BP on the coast of America. In stead of using oil based fabrics, part of the Becca collection is made out of soy pulp.