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Posted on Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss Lebanon bikini

Although the controversial bathing suit and lingerie pictures of Rima Fakih in a bikini is hitting the Internet like a storm, as if something is new and daring...

What is new is the misconception that all people in all Muslim countries behave the same. That would be similar like saying that all American girls behave the same, making no differentiation in latinas, afro-american girls, native american girls, italian-american girls...

Above Miss Lebanon in a bikini posing during miss Universe 2005 and below another Miss Lebanon in a bikini taken last year 2009:

Miss Lebanon in a Bikini

Miss Universe Swimsuit Shoot in Paradise Island, Bahamas" 8/5/2009

So no need to be alarmed by the way Rima Fakih is showing off bathing suits being a Muslim woman. If you are alarmed, that means you now know a little bit more about the many different ways Muslim women wear clothes and look at fashion.