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Posted on Monday, June 28, 2010

Is it safe to travel to Thailand

2 reasons why it is again safe to travel to Thailand:

  • the US State Department has already stopped their travel advisory for Thailand

  • after any unrest or curfew has been lifted in Thailand, it's always amazing how fast Thai people return to their well known smiling and peaceful life.

If you still are not convinced, then do know that the recent unrest between the yellow-shirts PAD and the red-shirts UDD was only concentrated in a few areas in Bangkok. It has been safe all the time to travel to other Thai destinations like Phuket or Chiang Mai. Unlike the previous time: no airports were part of the unrest and all flights are running normally at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thailand has always been a destination for budget holidays, where backpackers can find cheap accommodation for next to nothing. One man's loss is another man's treasure: the unrest in Bangkok caused such an unseen drop in foreign visitors to Thailand that traveling to Thailand has become cheaper than ever. Thailand's hotels and resorts are in a price war and cheap all inclusive holidays are a plenty. Also note cheap air fares: the Thai Airways' Discover Thailand pass only costs $278 and lets you fly to any 3 cities within Thailand.

For Americans, Thailand is even more inviting than ever: the Thai Tourist Authority from now onwards waives all fees and any visa requirements for all American travelers who wishing to stay in Thailand beyond the normally 30 days.

Is it safe to walk on the beaches of Thailand?

Koh Samui Thailand

The only time Thailand could become not safe is when you are walking on the beach at Koh Samui and some hungry Thailand monkey wants to snatch some fruits out of your hands. Other than that, traveling to Thailand is as safe as ever but cheaper than ever!

Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thai women seeking men

Learn how to successfully date Thai women seeking men: dating tips you need to know before traveling to Thailand!

7 must know facts about Thai culture and customs

Thai culture and customs

Know the basics: Thai people are very friendly and polite, so all you need to do is being friendly and polite as well as respecting Thai culture and their customs:

  1. cover your legs and body: whatever you do: don't step up to a Thai girl or even worse, her family, wearing shorts. Shorts are for "farangs": western tourists that drink beer and do other things the Thai strongly disapprove of.

  2. greet people in the traditional Thai way holding your hands together under your head

  3. you are not in Paris where you can hold hands and kiss a Thai women: for any kind of hanky panky, get yourself a hotel room. Only touch a girl in Thailand when you are fully committed to her

  4. always show a calm face, be funny if possible and keep your calm

  5. never say anything wrong about the king of Thailand, you could end up in jail for what you would think "no apparent reason"

  6. of course the simplest way to win over every Thai is respecting and enjoying all they do for you

  7. don't ever show off how much money you have: if you buy a present, a small Thai-English dictionary will do. On the romantic side, roses are great and when in a restaurant, make sure you pay the bill :-)

Especially after a date, make sure your Thai lady gets a taxi drive home (by herself) and you pay the taxi driver. Consider this as a life long investment that will pay off when you have found your match amongst the many Thai women seeking men.

Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kratae Supaksorn Chaimongkol

Want larger breasts like Thailand's bikini model Kratae Supaksorn Chaimongkol? With the money you would spend in the US, you can both enjoy a breast implant and a holiday in Thailand.

Thailand is becoming famous for their affordable plastic surgery because not only do you get value for money, but you get a "free holiday" included.

After you undergo your mammoplasty augmentation, you could be "up and walking" to be back working in your office after 3 to 5 days. To be completely "up and running" or do other more strenuous activities, you need to take 3 to 4 weeks. That means if you take one month off to travel to Thailand, you will be in tip top condition when you return from holiday: new look included.

Just imagine: you leave your office for holiday, and you come back looking even more voluptuous than Kratae Supaksorn Chaimongkol.

Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Thai Women

Do you know why Phi Phi Island isn't the ideal place to meet Thai women? Not ideal in the sense that you most likely won't find your ideal Thai bride there?

It's simply because in the tourist places like Phuket, you will meet Thai girls that come from the rural area's hoping to make extra money to support the rest of their family. So if you would happen to marry this kind of girl and leave Thailand with her, you are basically ruining a whole family's income.

Thai brides

That's why "shopping for Thai brides during your travels in Thailand" is far from ideal. Your best bets are:

  • finding your future Thai wife online and planning your trip to Thailand in order to get to know her and her country better

  • going to Thailand and enrolling in a course where you will get acquainted with Thai women that are working their career and are open to meet strangers that enrol in the same course with the same ideals. Of course your ultimate goal is different, but that you till after you married your Thai girl :-)

So if you go to Thailand just to have fun, then just go to the local bars to find out how amazingly popular you suddenly are. If you go to Thailand looking for a partner, do your homework before you buy your air ticket!

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phi Phi Island

Almost made up my mind to travel to Phi Phi Island, and I read about yet another tsunami warning. This time 7.7 earthquake hit the Andaman sea around the Nicobar Islands. Immediately a tsunami alert was triggered but unlike the devastating 2004 tsunami that hit Phuket and Banda Aceh, seems that this time neighbouring countries are safe.

Meanwhile the thermometer in my parents house in Malaysia is showing 31 degrees Celsius: according to my father it's now 4 degrees Celsius warmer than when he bought the thermometer 10 years ago in 2000. That means in every 3 years, it becomes 1 degree warmer? How scary is that?

Global warming, melting of the ice caps, more water in the seas... all in all very scary to travel to island destinations in South East Asia with all these earthquakes and tsunami warnings :-( Better go and have a swim at your nearest swimming pool...

Posted on Monday, June 07, 2010

Did you know you can spend 3 nights for free in the luxurious 5 star JW Marriott Resort Phuket? Yes you can, provided you arrange your own breakfast...

And you have to listen to the sales presentation together where a JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa sales presentation will explain you why you should become a returning visitor.

But you don't have to take the sales representative's word for it, you can indulge in a free yet luxurious 3 night stay to find for yourself out whether you want to return and sleep again on one of the famous JW Marriott pillows from their personalized pillow service.

JW Marriot Phuket

The JW Marriott Phuket Resort offers you villas with a sea view or you can enjoy watching how the sunset enchants Mai Khao Bach from the comfort of the JW Marriott's infinity pool.

This Resort is only 15 km away from Phuket's International airport. Apart from enjoying a relaxing Thai massage at the Spa, the hotel offers dives off the Similan Islands or wild life safari's on the back of an elephant.

The JW Marriott Resort Phuket is set in the tropical paradise of Thailand and if you want to indulge from time to time in 5 star luxury, then inquire about how you can enjoy your next 3 nights complimentary stay in Phuket.

Posted on Friday, June 04, 2010

How to use an epilator

If you dread the excruciating pain of a Brazilian bikini wax, then you better learn how to use an epilator:

  1. when it's your first time using an hair removal epilator, then start using it on a not sensitive area like your arms or your legs.

  2. always remove hairs after you have taken a hot bath or sauna for that matter. Reason is that the pores of your skin will open because of the heat, hence it will be easier for the hairs to come free.

  3. go slow! The logic is that when you go fast, you might as well opt for the bikini wax: it will feel exactly the same!

  4. just after getting rid of your hair, do apply a soothing lotion on your irritated skin

  5. make sure to remove your hairs in the evening so your irritated skin has the whole night to recover and you will look and feel your best self in the morning

  6. from this day onwards, clean or exfoliate your skin with a so called loofa to prevent hairs from growing in.

Once you know how to use an epilator, you can start shopping around for a cute one that serves you best :-)