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Posted on Friday, June 04, 2010

How to use an epilator

If you dread the excruciating pain of a Brazilian bikini wax, then you better learn how to use an epilator:

  1. when it's your first time using an hair removal epilator, then start using it on a not sensitive area like your arms or your legs.

  2. always remove hairs after you have taken a hot bath or sauna for that matter. Reason is that the pores of your skin will open because of the heat, hence it will be easier for the hairs to come free.

  3. go slow! The logic is that when you go fast, you might as well opt for the bikini wax: it will feel exactly the same!

  4. just after getting rid of your hair, do apply a soothing lotion on your irritated skin

  5. make sure to remove your hairs in the evening so your irritated skin has the whole night to recover and you will look and feel your best self in the morning

  6. from this day onwards, clean or exfoliate your skin with a so called loofa to prevent hairs from growing in.

Once you know how to use an epilator, you can start shopping around for a cute one that serves you best :-)