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Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Thai Women

Do you know why Phi Phi Island isn't the ideal place to meet Thai women? Not ideal in the sense that you most likely won't find your ideal Thai bride there?

It's simply because in the tourist places like Phuket, you will meet Thai girls that come from the rural area's hoping to make extra money to support the rest of their family. So if you would happen to marry this kind of girl and leave Thailand with her, you are basically ruining a whole family's income.

Thai brides

That's why "shopping for Thai brides during your travels in Thailand" is far from ideal. Your best bets are:

  • finding your future Thai wife online and planning your trip to Thailand in order to get to know her and her country better

  • going to Thailand and enrolling in a course where you will get acquainted with Thai women that are working their career and are open to meet strangers that enrol in the same course with the same ideals. Of course your ultimate goal is different, but that you till after you married your Thai girl :-)

So if you go to Thailand just to have fun, then just go to the local bars to find out how amazingly popular you suddenly are. If you go to Thailand looking for a partner, do your homework before you buy your air ticket!