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Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thai women seeking men

Learn how to successfully date Thai women seeking men: dating tips you need to know before traveling to Thailand!

7 must know facts about Thai culture and customs

Thai culture and customs

Know the basics: Thai people are very friendly and polite, so all you need to do is being friendly and polite as well as respecting Thai culture and their customs:

  1. cover your legs and body: whatever you do: don't step up to a Thai girl or even worse, her family, wearing shorts. Shorts are for "farangs": western tourists that drink beer and do other things the Thai strongly disapprove of.

  2. greet people in the traditional Thai way holding your hands together under your head

  3. you are not in Paris where you can hold hands and kiss a Thai women: for any kind of hanky panky, get yourself a hotel room. Only touch a girl in Thailand when you are fully committed to her

  4. always show a calm face, be funny if possible and keep your calm

  5. never say anything wrong about the king of Thailand, you could end up in jail for what you would think "no apparent reason"

  6. of course the simplest way to win over every Thai is respecting and enjoying all they do for you

  7. don't ever show off how much money you have: if you buy a present, a small Thai-English dictionary will do. On the romantic side, roses are great and when in a restaurant, make sure you pay the bill :-)

Especially after a date, make sure your Thai lady gets a taxi drive home (by herself) and you pay the taxi driver. Consider this as a life long investment that will pay off when you have found your match amongst the many Thai women seeking men.