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Posted on Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kim Kardashian Monokini

Why does Kim Kardashian look utterly sexy when wearing a monokini?

Because monokinis are designed to draw the attention on the waist, taking away the attention especially from a bigger bottom and any sized top. Being very sexy by showing lots of skin, but in this case not from the bust nor from the butt. Of course they come in all kinds of styles and cuts as well, including a plunging neck towards the belly button or an ever so revealing thong bottom.

Monokini bathing suits look like a normal bikini from the back, but at the front top and bottom are connected. This makes this kind of bathing suit a bit more secure than a bikini when it comes to playing around in the water.

Although strictly spoken monokinis are one piece swimsuits, since they show a lot of flesh, do make sure to put on lots of sun lotion.

Nevertheless more safe in the water, monokinis are mostly to show off in, which explains why celebrities like Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba love wearing them. As for curvy women like Kim Kardashian, monokinis are ideal :-)