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Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010

Monokini Swimwear

My favorite sexy and stylish pick this summer: monokini swimwear to getting lots of admiring looks at the pool and the beach.

Since I have always been in favor for one piece bathing suits, the monokini is actually a sent from haven: it is still a one piece but when you look at me from the back, it is as if I am wearing a normal bikini. Kind of having 2 bathing suit looks for the price of one, how affordably fashionable is that!

As a born Malaysian living in a predominated Muslim country, one always had to be conscious what to wear on the beach. A one piece was a good solution, both to protect yourself from the sun as being acceptable with the norm set by Muslim swimwear:

Muslim Swimwear

Muslim swimwear : still better than jumping in the pool with the clothes you wear (mind you, I am not kidding, some people just jump in the pool here wearing their daily outfit...)

The monokini has become extremely popular in recent years and the reason why is because it has evolved to a playful bathing suit that comes in many styles and coverage. For a beach in Malaysia, better go for as much coverage as possible:

Halter Monokini

This halter monokini from L Space called Fringe could be your best bet. Made out of 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, you can easily adjust where your plunging v-neck will start by adjusting the top string tied around the neck.

If you want to wear - or for the guys see - skimpier monokinis, then we suggest you frolic the beaches - or dive into the nightlife - of Phuket, Thailand.

Cut Out Monokini

Don't you adore this amazingly cut out monokini from last summers collection of designer Hervé Léger? Monokini swimwear comes in so many styles and cut outs that surely there is one the fits your look.