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Posted on Saturday, July 03, 2010

Phi Phi Leh Island Thailand

Enjoying colourful fishes snorkeling around the idyllic coast line of Phi Phi Leh Island Thailand.

Phi Phi Leh is the smaller of the 2 main Phi Phi Islands. Unlike the bigger Phi Phi Don Island, smaller Phi Phi Leh isn't inhabited. However, it doesn't seem that way as some of the beaches are overly crowded with tourists. All this thanks to the 2000 movie "The Beach" which was filmed on this island and in nearby Phuket.

As you can see in the snorkeling picture, don't try to be sexy snorkeling in a bikini. The sun around Phuket is right above you and the tropical rays will burn your skin in an instant when you aren't using any of the extremely high SPF and waterproofed sun lotions. Only wear swimsuits near the pool or at the popular beaches like Patong Beach.

Much easier and safer wearing a thin wetsuit: it saves you time re-applying sun lotion and keeps your skin fully protected when admiring the fishes in the waters around Phi Phi Leh Island Thailand.