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Posted on Sunday, August 01, 2010

Strappy Monokini

Our favorite strappy monokini: both the sexiest and the cheapest: Kenneth Cole's strappy monokini sells for less than $100. Only the Kenneth Cole plunge monokini is cheaper and sells for $73.

Black Strappy

This strappy black monokini from Oye has crossed straps that show 5 cut-out circles crisscrossing and tying at the top. Sells at a discount at about $180 and comes in gold and black, made from nylon and spandex.

Strappy Swimsuit

This strappy swimsuit designed by Mara Hoffman comes from Victoria's Secret. Also made from nylon and spandex, this monokini ties at the back, is fully lined and gives minimal back coverage.

Sells for about $140 and in my opinion is much more daring, sexy and fashionable than the more expensive strappy monokini from Oye. Most likely Oye charges per cloth used :-), but Oye's monokini bathing suit is clearly more tailored to an active beach life.