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Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2010

Retire in Thailand

A 62 year old guy leaves his nagging wife to retire in Thailand. He can stretch his dollar to vastly build himself a new life and even meets his new , devoted and beautiful 27 your old Thai girlfriend.

This is just one example that Martin Hurley describes in his book "Your Thai Girl" that he recently is giving away for free, kind of: he charges a $4.95 'trial out fee' and challenges you to come and retire in Thailand with him.

Just that Martin is not even half the age of 62, but thanks to his knowledge of Thailand, he lives there from a salary that involves doing little to nothing. Of course his wisdom comes from his Thai wife, as without an insider in Thailand, retirement is not as easy as it sounds.

When you did some research about retiring in Asia, I am sure you heard about the Malaysia My Second Home visa: a multi entrance visa that attracts retirees to Malaysia. However, once they arrive, they notice that the visa is extremely overprized and doesn't give them any real benefits.

So why not go and retire in neighbor country Thailand? You won't be annoyed by mosques calling for prayers, especially around 5.30 in the morning when every retiree deserves a good night rest.

In case you need a girlfriend to retire in Thailand: pick your pick for free at Asian Online Dating and make sure you invest $4.95 in Martin Hurley's guide to Thailand: Your Thai Girl.