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Posted on Friday, March 25, 2011

Bikini Body Diet

Bring your hot bikini body back: read this easy to follow complete guide how to stick to your bikini body diet.

Spring is always the ideal time to start your bikini diet. Why? Because whole winter you have been craving to go out, so now the weather becomes warmer, you are ready to go. Add to that, the fact that you are wearing lesser clothes, so your body awareness is going up.

Apart from the workouts we described in how to get a bikini body, changing your eating habits is another important factor to shed some pounds. Don't go on a crash diet, those are made for special occasions like weddings, most likely during the wedding you will be eating all the pounds back on. The idea of a bikini body diet is to enjoy healthy and delicious food in a way that your body will look at is outmost best once you are on the beach or near the pool.

What can a Buddhist monk teach you about a bikini body diet?

Always start with a huge breakfast! Just think about those Buddhist monks: they only eat once a day in the morning.

Of course you do need to eat a decent meal to achieve this and you need to make the time for it as well. Think English breakfast: the egg and the beans are there for the proteins, lots of complex carbs and for sure there is fat in those sausages. Yet compared to fast food French fries and God knows what goes in those hamburgers, a good old butchers sausage is way better: stay away from the prefabricated sausages though!.

Go for fibers: what more delicious than a pancake for breakfast right? Well, pancakes are ideal to incorporate any high fiber flour like out flour. Serve with fresh berries, yoghurt and honey: healthy and yummies.

Make it healthy; drink freshly squeezed fruit juices, yoghurt, sweet fruit or honey in stead of normal sugar... well, think buffet breakfast in a resort: a lot of variety and you have all the time in the world to eat it. Add to that your typical resort yoga session that you can incorporate after breakfast at home as well. take a good shower and you are ready to beat the day filled with energy.


Of course you aren't a Buddhist monk (monks don't wear bikinis...), and you will start having cravings during the day.

Here is where you make the difference between a snack from the vending machine or a healthy 200 to 300 calories mini meal: 4 to 6 times a day.

Doesn't that sound as fun: you are on a diet and you can have 1 huge breakfast and 6 mini meals. Again make them high in fiber: bananas, dried fruits, appels, berries and nuts. It's about eating food that is delicious, food that is varied and food that has all it takes to get you through the day. A fastfood meal is not only fast served, it's also fast transferred in fat without giving you enough energy to get by.

Salads without the mayonnaise dressing are ideal mini lunches as well: you can eat a bowl and still you aren't stuffing yourself as you would with an equally big bowl of pasta.

You need to find a dressing that you like though:

  • personally I love a pinch of curry powder heated in a little bit of oil, then added to some yoghurt with salt and mustard,

  • equally delicious is a half yoghurt half ketchup dressing,

  • a boiled egg with some yoghurt, grated cheese, some grilled chicken...

Possibilities to replace mayonnaise are endless. Some people love vinaigrettes, again, there are lots of delicious choices out there, you just have to buy and try. What you spend on extra food that's not your taste, you will earn back when you don't have to enlist yourself in an expensive diet or hire a nutritionist. And it doesn't take too long until you understand what new choices your taste buds like.

And if so far no mayonnaise replacement worked for you, then get a ripe avocado, mash it with some salt, a pinch of cumin, some finely cut onion, if you like it hot; a little fresh chili, some lime or lemon juice and a little ripe tomato: or just whack everything in your blender. Try that as a dressing... you won't be buying mayonnaise any time soon when you are serious in reaching your bikini body.

Finish your day with a light dinner: anything grilled with again loads of vegetables and lots of fruits. My evening favorites are fruit smoothies: lots of health, fiber, taste and nutritious. Do use lots of grapes, so you don't need any extra sugar. Ideal during dinner and you can carry them with you when you plunge yourself in the sofa...

What to do when you feel hungry?

Of course everybody will sooner or later feel hungry. Sooner when:

  • you are using up more energy than your body is giving you.

  • you only had sweet sugar to feed your body.

A quick fix is sugar but this time not from a coke, nor a cafe latte. Eat sweet fruits. Or try frozen fruits (ever tried to use a frozen grape as a sweet, try it!). Or try my favorite: grapes and some other fruits in a blender, some ice cubes and a smoothie is ready in no time.

Favorite fast fruits are grapes, berries, kiwi, banana, mango and a must have: strawberries. On top of that, a smoothie keeps you hydrated, so no need for fizzy drinks that only add sugar and no fibers. And if you are in need of 100 plus because you do a lot of sport, try half water, half fresh squeezed orange and a pinch of seasalt or rocksalt.

What about having a sweet tooth?

2 solutions: sweet fruits or start with nuts and end with a chocolate of the very best quality (without too much unknown added nonsense that will only add to your weight).

Nothing beats dark melted chocolate with butter, an egg and honey. Let it cool, make small rolls and freeze them in...

Yes, it's not what you expect in a diet, but just imagine, if you have a sweet tooth, there is no reason to deprive yourself for the rest of your life. It's just that there are healthy sweets, reasonable healthy sweets and outright unhealthy sweets.

The above mentioned homemade delights have a very short shelflife (hence you freeze them in) and won't clot up your artery system like the cheap chocolate bars you take out of the vending machine (that sit in there for ages, hence they will sit in your body as long as they can as well).

How about late afternoon hunger?

What do you do in the late afternoon but dinner is still not around and you are oh so hungry?

Organic peanutbutter on a whole grain toast, whole grain cereal in yoghurt with some fruit or fruit with low fat cottage cheese...

Again: it's about using your imagination and reach for something delicious yet healthy with some natural sugar and lots of fiber or proteins.

Nothing prevents you to add natural sweeteners like Stevia which has no side effects, has been used in Japan for more than 30 years and in South America for over centuries.

Yet with the right fruit at hand (grapes), you don't even need sweeteners. A sweet apple has lots of pectin fibers that keep your stomach from absorbing the sugars too quickly and so will curb your appetite, especially the sweet tooth.

What do I eat when I travel?

Go to the information boot in the airport and ask where the smoothiebar is. Don't fret about the price: it's a cup full of health, and you 'save' when buying the biggest portion.

It beats paying way too much for an overpriced Coke and fastfood meal. If no smoothie bar, around look for fruit, salad or yogurt, and if worse comes to worse: eat popcorn.

But I'm dying for French Fries

Focus: you do want the bikini body right? So what about stealing a few fries from your partner and live with it?

Well, after I squeezed with my bare hands the oil out of the fries I bought at Mc Donalds, you do need to know that you can make your "KFC-like" wedges with very little oil as such:

  • 3 large, unpeeled (Idaho russets) baking potatoes lengthwise into wedges,

  • toss in a bowl with 2 tablespoons peanutoil and

  • bake on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes at very hot (225 C - 450F).

  • Season with salt and eat your heart out.

One extra advantage: once you get used to your wedges made from fresh potatoes, you wonder why you could ever have fallen in love for those way too thin cut fast food fries. Not to mention the amount of salt they add to it so you will crave for a fizzy drink in no time.

How to get a hot bikini body

Again do read the workouts in our previous how to get a bikini body post and introduce the above
diet in your life.

In the end it's all about taking and making time for yourself and what you eat.

  • Give yourself the time for a good breakfast,

  • make time to shop around for fruits and new tastes.

  • Make time to prepare your own food and especially fast and healthy smoothies.

The key word is make time - quite the opposite than the keyword in fastfood.

Once you make time for yourself, you wont plunge into the sofa tired of having overindulged in way too many hamburgers with French fries.

If you want a gorgeous body for ever, start following the tips mentioned in our bikini body diet above. It's not about dieting, it's about changing your lifestyle and make more time for yourself and what you eat.