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Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to get a bikini body

Start following these easy tips at home that promise you how to lose the holiday weight and how to get a bikini body just before June. We will stress on a workout in this post and talk about a bikini body diet in our next post.

First and foremost you need to get out of your couch. It's easier said than done, but once you get a routine of not sitting down, it will become easier to keep away from the couch. It's like a train: once you are in motion, you will easily keep in motion.

What do you do when you are not in the couch? If possible join a gym or a dancing class. Swimming is ideal and makes perfect sense since you want to wear your bikini near the beach or the pool. Meanwhile, one piece bathing suits can accentuate your better parts and hide what you will be working on the next few months.

If you don't want to spend the money nor enjoy any type of sport, then make sure to walk, walk and walk. Whatever you do, make sure your bum is not resting.

Once you start enjoying walking, walk faster or alternate some running with some walking. Try to start of with 20 minute sessions if you are a couch potato, but make sure that at most after a month, you have a 30 minutes exercise a day at least.

After one month: increase the intensity of what you are doing: run faster, bike faster, swim faster and alternate with your normal speed. Your body will become stronger and you will notice you will be able to do intenser exercises for longer periods.

Apart from making your body stronger and crave for more exercise, you need to sculpt your muscles with weights at home or machines in a gym. If possible, you and find a yoga video with exercises that focus on your bum, legs, quads (thigh muscles) and calves (back portion of lower legs).

Squatting exercises are done for bum and legs. Raising your heels as high as possible will strengthen your calves and raising your legs when sitting on a chair will strengthen your quads (if you do have to sit in a couch, this is an ideal way to take advantage of it: strengthen your quads!).

After you get a good routine of leg exercises, the next month add in arm and abs exercises. Again you can sit down but in stead of being lazy in the sofa, go sit on a chair, take some weights and start working your biceps doing seated curls(stretch arm downwards, bend arm upwards) and shoulder presses (lift the weights as high as possible and retreat them back to shoulder-height). Nothing better to get your abs in shape doing any of the crunches you know about.

Every new day, add a few more counts to each routine. Do know that after before each workout you need to warm up your body and afterwards, you need to stretch your body. Yoga exercises are ideal and don't worry if you can't stretch as far as the people in the video: the idea is to stretch as far as you can and with time, you will be able to outstretch the professionals. If not, you at least will have a bikini body to die for when you start exercising now.