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Posted on Friday, April 15, 2011

Tori Praver Swimwear

Hawaiian beach lifestyle girl and top swimsuit model Tori Praver is designing her own Swimwear from skimpy, sexy, elegant to stylish retro in her 2011 collection.

Best of all, you can buy tops and bottoms in separates: meaning you can mix and match. Like the above black or coloured Betty high-waist bikini bottoms matched with a black Betty bandeau bikini top or if you are as daring as Tori Praver: go topless on top and overly covered retro at the bottom. Mix and match is not only ideal to make your own fashion statement, but you can even better choose the size that matches your top or bottom best.

She designs bathing suits for "girls and their mothers": skimpy bikinis, the above high-waist retro suits and amazingly stunning strap and zipper adorned bathingsuits.

Tori grew up on Maui beach, Hawaii and was thrown as a child in the beach lifestyle with lots of swim and surf. Being a renowned swimsuit model herself (yes, she is the blond model in the pics above), having traveled all over the world, having seen so many different cultures and been around lots of designers, Tori's step from model to designer is just natural.

Tori Praver swimwear is sophisticated, with an eye for detail, for girls and mothers and comfortable enough to enjoy an active beach lifestyle.