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Posted on Sunday, September 11, 2011
Bathing suits for your body type
Learn by example how to chose the perfect bathing suit for your body type that accentuates your assets and hides your possible flaws.

Accents are made with e.g. eye-catching design elements like keyholes, necklaces, printed motifs, strategic color patterns, shirring or ruffles that could work to distract, enhance or create an illusion.

Use the same ideas as when you were looking for normal clothes. Just keep in mind that although black makes people look slimmer, black won't flatter you when your skin isn't tanned at all.

Apart from your body shape, the activities you will be doing are also an important factor when choosing your swimwear: it's obvious that when you go diving, a one piece bathing suit will evoke less surprises than for instance a bandeau bikini. Chose different swimwear for different occasions like tanning, swimming, beach sports, a hot tub or when having lunch in a restaurant near the beach.

Choosing perfect bathing suits for your body shape

Bathing suits for your body shape

Pear shape

    You have a small-bust, an average sized waist an a large butt. One piece bathing suits are your ideal choice: a V-neck will draw attention to the top and a high-cut bottom will elongate your legs minimizing your butt. If you swear by a two piece, then go for a tankini with a pattern or print to draw attention to the top. You could by a top with extra padding as well.

Curvy and Busty shape

    The curvy body looks like an hourglass: big hips, big boobs and small waist. The busty shape only has a large bust and no big hips. All you want to do here is keeping attention away from your belly, which is easily done by wearing a one piece suit. When you prefer a bikini, think monokini or make sure you buy a halter top with wide straps and extra support. Also make sure you chose the right top for the right activities: you don't want to be overly exposed.

Athletic shape

    You just don't have much curves anywhere. You could add some shape wearing a bikini with bold stripes and ruffles to add volume to your top and bottom. Bandeau and slider tops are also a great choice for the top. For the bottom try boy-shorts or low-rise hipster bottoms.

You are tall

    Your legs and or your torso is long. A monokini is your ideal fashion statement. Accentuate the areas you want to show off to take break your length.

You are petite

    Your legs and or torso are rather short. String bikinis are your ideal choice as you can secure them to a snug fit. Make your legs look longer with high-cut bottoms, anything but a short or a skirt that will make your legs even look shorter. Look for designs that make a person's eye go up and down like a V shaped neckline or a vertical print.
If you are not sure which body type you have, look for bathing suits in the shape you think you have. Then chose the other body shape you are confused about and follow the tips mentioned there.