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Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011
Flattering Swimwear - Figure
Not everyone is blessed with a body of perfect proportions. But when it’s time to go to the beach or hang out at the pool, those with a problem area or two in their physiques can take comfort in the availability of various types of flattering swimwear, which highlight the best parts of the body while toning down the not-so-attractive parts.

Many people tend to think that it’s usually the overweight or plus-size people who need flattering swimsuits. This isn’t necessarily so; even those who are physically fit can have parts of their bodies that need enhancing or concealing. Some athletic women, for instance, have a bust that they wish were bigger or fuller. To create cleavage, Marie-Claire magazine (1) recommends wearing flattering swimwear such as bikinis or maillots that have light padding or an underwire in the bust part.

Many women mistakenly believe that bikinis are the only sexy or attractive type of swimwear. On the contrary, one-piece bathing suits, tankinis, or even skirted swimsuits can look just as or even more alluring than a bikini, if worn on the right body type. A one-piece swimsuit that has a solid block of dark color from the middle part downwards and a deep neckline would be very flattering for a woman with an ample stomach; the dark color camouflages the problem area and makes it look slimmer while the neckline draws attention to her cleavage.
Flattering Swimwear - Bust
Texture and material should also be considered when shopping for flattering swimwear. Ruffles on a bikini top can improve the appearance of a small bust while swimsuits made of shiny fabric can make a slim and boyish figure appear fuller. Fabrics such as those made from a blend of nylon and spandex are recommended for heavier women since they provide solid support and minimize the appearance of flabbiness.

Some retail stores like John Lewis and Biondi in the UK (2) provide personal consultation services with fitters who will give advice on what type of swimsuit best fits the customer’s body type. Even when no such services are available, shopping for flattering swimwear can be made productive by bringing along a friend or someone who can give impartial feedback on whether a certain swimsuit looks good, or if it would be better to look at another design instead.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plus Size Tankini

A well chosen plus size tankini is ideal for hiding your tummy and giving your bust the extra support to be comfortable when engaging in beach or pool activities.

A tankini combines the best features of both the one piece bathing suit and the standard plus size bikini in a new and exciting type of swimwear that is not only sexy and flattering, but also provides coverage of your "problem areas". Not to mention how practical it is when you need to go to the bathroom without having to remove your top and how much more you are protected against sunburn compared to wearing a normal bikini.

A tankini is a perfect swimsuit when doing beach or pool activities: it gives great support for the bust without having to fear for some embarrassing exposure do to whichever movement you could be making.

Which tankini suits you best?

Tankini tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched to suit your personal taste and body type. Choose bottoms that camouflage or enhance your hips, thighs or buts. There are 4 distinct combinations:

  • Halter Top Tankini
    the halter top tankini is generally a flattering choice for any woman and accentuates the bust, shoulders and collarbone
  • Apron Tankini
    the apron tankini keeps your back uncovered whilst the front midsection is covered with kind of drapes, made in a design that flatters your body or made in sheer. It's a comfortable yet seductive style for women that don't feel that they have to hide anything.
  • Underwire Tankini
    the underwire tankini
    is for women with a bigger bust who want extra support for the bust whilst covering the mid section. They could look like a one piece if the top and the bottom match.
  • Buyshort Tankini
    the boyshort tankini has shorts to cover your hips, thighs and buttocks and a tank top that is short enough to cover up most of your belly but showing still a little bit of flesh so everybody can see you are not wearing a one piece. They are the preferred swimwear of recent mothers and anybody who is a bit shy about their bottom.

It is no secret that black or dark colors make you look thinner. Your second best choice is keeping the colors and the design to a minimum.

When comfort is on your list of must haves, go for spandex or spandex and cotton combinations. When you want a long lasting bathing suit, then go for nylon.

Although choices and combinations are unlimited, most retail shops will only sell a limited amount of plus size patterns, designs and colors. Online shopping for a plus size tankini will ensure that any big beautiful woman will find her right type of swimwear.

Looking good is a fundamental right to be exercised by all, plus size or other. Choice shouldn't be an obstacle and a plus size tankini could be your answer since the upper and the lower part can bought separately to customize your bathing suit to your specific top and bottom size, body shape and taste.

Posted on Friday, July 01, 2011

Pulau Lang Tengah

No worries on Pulau Lang Tengah... white beaches, crystal clear seas and tall palm trees: the most quiet and least touristy of all the islands near Malaysia's east coast. An ideal place to snorkel or dive as the house-reef around the island is part of a nature reserve.

Do make sure to visit between March to mid-October, out of the monsoon season and for divers: in March and April visibility can reach up to 40 meters. Bring your credit card or some cash to pay for diving or snorkel trips, as well for guided nature walks. If you want to safe some money on boat trips, you can just start your dives from the beach.

I am staying at the Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa, all inclusive, which is a small boutique resort and spa with wifi. Nothing much to do in between snorkeling waiting for a relaxing massage on the beach it seems. There is also a jungle trek which I will sign up for maybe tomorrow, maybe as the one I am interested in will show the beautiful sunrise, yet it starts of course way early in the morning... Further on it's a good idea to book an all inclusive package, as there aren't any other real restaurants to be found on this uninhibited island.

Pulau Lang Tengah Map

You can reach Pulau Lang Tengah after a 60 minute boat-ride from Merang. Or you can take a boat from the nearby islands Redang and Perhentian that are much more commercialised for tourism, meaning that lots of corals has been stepped upon. For more peace and quietness nearby, also Pulau Kapas and Pulau Gemia are recommended.