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Posted on Thursday, August 04, 2011
Curvy woman wearing black miraclesuit swimwear looking 10 pounds lighterTrying to find a swimsuit that looks good can be a source of stress for many women. Sometimes it may seem that the most beautiful swimwear items are made with only perfectly-figured women in mind. Other times it may seem that there aren’t enough attractive selections available to women who are carrying a few extra pounds. Miracle swimwear, with its stylish and eye-pleasing designs, debunks these myths.

To look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds (1) – that’s the promise that the company offers to its customers. It helps women achieve this appearance through strategic placement of shirring and draping, which conceals and draws attention from unattractive bulges. It also uses a kind of fabric called Miratex, which shapes and contours the body to flatten unsightly bulges and to give support where it’s needed most. Miratex contains three times more Lycra spandex than conventional swimsuit fabrics, enabling it to more firmly hold in problem areas such as the stomach and hips.

One possible concern about such a strong and contouring fabric is that it might make the swimsuit uncomfortable to wear. But according to customer reviews on sites like (2) and blogs such as (3) and (4),
it’s actually the opposite: Miraclesuit swimwear is comfortable to wear and does not feel constricting. Plus, it stays securely in place and doesn’t inadvertently expose too much chest or buttocks – a problem commonly experienced with ill-fitting swimsuits.

Another Miraclesuit innovation involves support for the bust area in the form of underwires in the built-in foam bra in the swimsuits. This kind of bra construction promises that the wires will not poke out and that it will retain its shape even after repeated washings.

The sheer variety of swimsuit designs and styles for women of all sizes is another thing that customers like about Miraclesuit. The company’s swimwear has been featured in prominent magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine.

Miracle swimwear pieces are available in the following sizes: misses, D and DD cups, and plus size. In addition to swimsuits, the company also produces cover-ups, jeans, beach shirts, and scarves. They may be purchased through Miraclesuit’s retail partners including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Eddie Bauer.

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