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Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Andaman Langkawi resort tucked away in the rainforest

Datai Bay, on the north-west coast of Langkawi, is an exclusive stretch of beach for guests of the high-end resorts: The Datai Langkawi Resort and The Andaman.

View of Datai Bay taken from the room in the Andaman Resort

Datai Bay offers you a retreat for pampering in an oasis of tranquility. And at The Andaman Spa you can enjoy massages and therapies with an exotic view of the clear, cool waters around the Langkawi and the beautiful islands that rise in the distance.

For the more adventurous, you need to know that there is hardly anything else to do than to relax, stroll to the Datai Langkawi Resort or rest on the beach and take it all in. Other than that, be prepared to crack your brain over the following choices: beach or pool? snorkel or dive? smoothie or cocktail? ... :-) Nearby after a jungle walk you could visit a crocodile farm or put some holes in one of the 10 best Golf courses in Malaysia: the Datai Bay Golf Course. For more activities, you need to venture out at least 7 km to find the nearest attraction, being the Langkawi Cable Car.

The Andaman Spa with view on the Andaman Sea

But if you want to be high up in a more peaceful surrounding away from all the tourists, just book a spa in the Andaman Langkawi Spa. A buggy from the Andaman resort will drive you high up to the 5 private suites that offer you an amazing view over Datai Bay and the Andaman Sea. Try the seaweed baths, the volcanic mud or an eye mask with roses.

Datai Bay is about 30 km or half an hour drive north of the Langkawi International Airport. It is not advisable to hire a bike and drive to the Datai or Andaman resorts, as the roads become quite steep and are more suited for seasoned professional bicyclist than for people that want to relax and enjoy on the beach.

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Redang Island

If you love diving, snorkeling and doing nothing: Redang island is only flight away from paradise.

Pulau Redang is an archipelago in the South China Sea, on the east side of the Peninsula Malaysia . Redang is a protected marine area, or as they say here in Malaysia: a marine park. It's situated about 45 km from the coast of the state of Kuala Terengganu. Being an archipelago, it is surrounded by many small islands, surrounded by crystal clear water offering several great snorkel and diving opportunities. Redang is a bit touristy offering some quite luxurious resorts and spa's.

Redang Accommodation

Accommodation Map of Redang

Some very good resorts on Redang are the Sari Pacifica Resort and the Berjaya Redang Resort in Teluk Dalam. The latter is actually my favorite resort and spa:

Beach view seen from the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort

When and how to get to Redang?

Feeding the fishes whilst snorkeling around Redang islandsThe best time to visit Redang is between April and October. The northwest monsoons blow from November to March, most resorts (except the Berjaya Redang Resort) will be closed during this period.

Due to the monsoon, the underwater world is far less clear to enjoy but if you want peace and quietness and a true relaxing holiday where you can come to your senses and rhythm of life dictated by the sun, winds and rains, the monsoon season is your best bet.

From Kuala Lumpur you used to be able to take the plane to either Kuala Terengganu, or Kota Bharu (for cheap tickets fly Air Asia or Firefly). Then take a drive to the fishing village of Merang where a boat brings you to any of the islands off coast.

However all this cumbersome traveling has recently been made extremely easy thanks to a direct flight straight to Redang island.

Snorkeling and diving in Redang

Up and personal with a Nemo fish whilst diving in RedangRedang is well known as an excellent diving area. Each resort obviously offers diving packages which you could hop and shop around for.

I learned how to dive in the Berjaya Redang Resort and received my PADI there.

Also snorkeling is out and about around Redang. Maybe you wont see any turtles, but it is not all to difficult handfeeding the fishes.

You can easily rent the equipment from your resort (some even give it complimentary, just try your friendliest smile and discover how far it will bring you on the Malaysian islands...).

Some resorts have their own housereef, other resorts will take you out in a boat, do ask in advance when booking, as nothing beats coming out in snorkel gear out of your villa and walking towards a coral abundant sea.

Hiking in Redang's rain forest

Peace and quiteness during a hike in Redang's rain forestRedang is also an ideal place to go hiking as the rain forest is just nearby. Simply ask a map with the walking paths in your hotel, take lots of water, a hat or cap, lots of sunlotion if you aren't covered inside the rain forest, and mosquito spray and you are ready to go.

If you only feel like strolling around on the beaches, make sure you are fully protected against the hot sun, otherwise you will understand hands on why in each resort shop the green Banana Boat bottles with Aloe Vera creams are sold: they are ideal to soothe your skin after a sunburn. But better wear appropriated beachwear and use sun protective lotion with the highest SPF (try to find spf 80).

Redang or Perhentian?

Compared to nearby diving paradise Perhentian offers more luxury resorts and spas, where Perhentian is more for backpackers and cheap travel. Personally I prefer Perhentian for snorkeling and Redang for getting pampered in the high end resorts.

Posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sexy girl jumping on the beach of Tioman Island

On the southeast side of the Peninsula Malaysia is an archipelago of 64 islands out of which Tioman Island is the largest (about 350sq-km). Other famous islands in this region: Pulau Seri Bulat, Pulau Sembilang, Pulau Tulai, Chebeh, Pulau Labas and Pulau Renggis. Tioman is situated about 60 km from the coast in the state of Pahang and was used once to shoot the reality show Survivor.

How to get to Tioman

Overcrowded jetty at MersingThere are 3 ways to reach Tioman Island: by land (and sea), sea and air. Berjaya Air (from the famous and luxurious Berjaya Hotel chain) brings you in about 60 minutes from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur to Tioman for a bit more than 200Rm one way.

A bus or taxi ride will take you in about 4 to 6 hours from Kuala Lumpur to the fishing village of Mersing. You can also hire a rental car and rive yourself to Mersing. However there is no drop-off point there for your car, so you will be paying a rental car to be just parked during your stay on the island: quite a waste of money.

Boats on the Mersing jetty will take you to your final destination. The boatride from Mersing to Tioman will take at least one hour: be prepared to wait until boats are full before they depart or make sure you arrange a private pick up from your hotel.

Pulau Tioman Island Map

Tioman island map with diving sites, hiking trails, beaches and hills, snorkel sites, jetties, airport, jeep tracks and wreck sites.

Tioman island map with diving sites, hiking trails, beaches and hills, snorkel sites, jetties, airport, jeep tracks and 1 wreck site.

Accommodation, hotels and resorts on Tioman

Ayura spa on the beach of the Berjaya Resort in Tioman Accommodation can be found from cheap budget hotels to luxueus 5 start hotels like the 5-star Resort Japamala. Other popular resorts on Tioman are: Berjaya Tioman Resort and Inn Impian. Besides these larger resorts you have many basic accommodations on the island starting at RM50 per night. The top 5 best rated accommodation in Tioman according to Tripadvisor:

  1. Bagus Place Retreat
  2. Japamala Resort
  3. Minang Cove Resort
  4. Bamboo Hill Chalets
  5. Tioman Paya Resort

Mersing Fishing Village

The Mersing jetty looks quite crappy and around the jetty are quite a number of your typical souvenirs shops. Most likely you wont venture into the village itself that does have more than 20.000 inhabitants.

Things to do in Tioman

Diving with turtles in the waters around Tioman islandAlthough the interior of the island is jungle area, the edge of the island is densely populated and houses all the resorts. The islands of Tioman and nearby Perhentian and Redang are known as a diving and snorkeling paradise, although the spots they will bring you are sometimes a bit too touristy. The better beaches are: Genting Beach, Tekek Beach and Salang Beach.

The easiest way to travel from one place to the other in Tioman is jumping on the ferry or renting a more expensive water taxi. Hiking is also a possibility as well as renting a jeep.

When to visit Tioman

The best time to visit the island is between March and October. The rest of the year you could get hit by the monsoons. Since the island is inhabited by locals, you can get there the whole year round, but the ferry will only sail
when the weather conditions permit.

As usual, avoid local Malaysian holidays, school holidays and the national holidays in neighboring country Singapore as well.

Posted on Sunday, September 11, 2011
Bathing suits for your body type
Learn by example how to chose the perfect bathing suit for your body type that accentuates your assets and hides your possible flaws.

Accents are made with e.g. eye-catching design elements like keyholes, necklaces, printed motifs, strategic color patterns, shirring or ruffles that could work to distract, enhance or create an illusion.

Use the same ideas as when you were looking for normal clothes. Just keep in mind that although black makes people look slimmer, black won't flatter you when your skin isn't tanned at all.

Apart from your body shape, the activities you will be doing are also an important factor when choosing your swimwear: it's obvious that when you go diving, a one piece bathing suit will evoke less surprises than for instance a bandeau bikini. Chose different swimwear for different occasions like tanning, swimming, beach sports, a hot tub or when having lunch in a restaurant near the beach.

Choosing perfect bathing suits for your body shape

Bathing suits for your body shape

Pear shape

    You have a small-bust, an average sized waist an a large butt. One piece bathing suits are your ideal choice: a V-neck will draw attention to the top and a high-cut bottom will elongate your legs minimizing your butt. If you swear by a two piece, then go for a tankini with a pattern or print to draw attention to the top. You could by a top with extra padding as well.

Curvy and Busty shape

    The curvy body looks like an hourglass: big hips, big boobs and small waist. The busty shape only has a large bust and no big hips. All you want to do here is keeping attention away from your belly, which is easily done by wearing a one piece suit. When you prefer a bikini, think monokini or make sure you buy a halter top with wide straps and extra support. Also make sure you chose the right top for the right activities: you don't want to be overly exposed.

Athletic shape

    You just don't have much curves anywhere. You could add some shape wearing a bikini with bold stripes and ruffles to add volume to your top and bottom. Bandeau and slider tops are also a great choice for the top. For the bottom try boy-shorts or low-rise hipster bottoms.

You are tall

    Your legs and or your torso is long. A monokini is your ideal fashion statement. Accentuate the areas you want to show off to take break your length.

You are petite

    Your legs and or torso are rather short. String bikinis are your ideal choice as you can secure them to a snug fit. Make your legs look longer with high-cut bottoms, anything but a short or a skirt that will make your legs even look shorter. Look for designs that make a person's eye go up and down like a V shaped neckline or a vertical print.
If you are not sure which body type you have, look for bathing suits in the shape you think you have. Then chose the other body shape you are confused about and follow the tips mentioned there.
Posted on Thursday, September 08, 2011

Venus halter once piece bathing suits with solid black lower body and print bodice with low neckline

Venus bathing suits are popular among many women because they are moderately priced, yet there is a wide selection of designs and colors available. The company offers not only bikinis and one-piece bathing suits, but also cover-ups, swim wraps, and beach accessories.

The company started out when Daryle Scott established Venus Body Wear in 1984; it became Venus Swimwear in 1985 with the addition of bathing suits for women to the firm's offerings. They have continued to acquire prominence throughout the years, and in 2007 Venus was the official sponsor for the Miss America beauty pageant. Several celebrities were former Venus swimwear models, including television show host Brooke Burke and professional wrestler Barbie Blank.

Venus bathing suits come in various cuts and designs to flatter every body type. Women with a small bustline would benefit from the enhancer tops and underwire tops of Venus bikinis since they are designed to showcase and enhance the cleavage. Those who plan to do more than just lounge around and sunbathe at the beach or by the pool would probably appreciate Venus' sport tops, which will stay securely in place when the wearer is participating in activities such as beach volleyball.

Women with fuller figures or large curves can choose from among Venus swimsuits that were designed to have a slenderizing effect. A Venus halter one-piece swimsuit, for instance, features a solid black lower body and a print bodice with a low neckline to draw attention away from a large stomach to the cleavage. This particular swimsuit also has moderate openings for the legs and full coverage of the buttocks, as well as an open back, to minimize the appearance of a large bottom.

Another thing that people appreciate about Venus swimsuits is that they are available in small sizes but with large cups. A woman who wears a size 6 or 8 and a DD bra cup, for example, would therefore have no problem finding a suitable Venus bathing suit.

Venus also has a collection of embellished bathing suits that are designed to be more eye-catching and glamorous than the regular swimsuit. Many of the bikinis and one-piece suits in this line are decorated with poly/spandex sequins or beads. So whether one prefers simple, classic designs or bolder, more striking beachwear, she can take comfort in the fact that she is likely to find the right piece just for her among all the Venus bathing suits available, at a price that's easy on the pocket.

Posted on Thursday, September 01, 2011
Assets is the latest collection from Target bathing suits: black tankini from Spanx from Sara Blakely Target is one of the largest retail companies in the United States, and when the summer season starts, plenty of consumers go to a Target store to shop for Target bathing suits. The stores enjoy a reputation for offering a wide variety of affordable swimwear for men, women and children.

One of the things consumers love about shopping for swimsuits at Target is that they sell bathing suits in separate pieces, making them ideal for a mix-and-match swimwear ensemble. A woman can buy a pink bikini top, for example, and pair it with a black bikini bottom. Of course, one-piece bathing suits are also available, and there are hundreds of designs from which to choose.

Target bathing suits received an even bigger boost in 2011 with the addition of swimsuits from the Assets by Sara Blakely line by Spanx.¹ Spanx is a well-known manufacturer of slimming clothing, and the company's line of swimwear for Target features one-piece bathing suits, swim dresses, full-coverage bikinis, and tankinis. The pieces in the collection cost from $30 to $50. The Assets bathing suit line has been so popular that stocks of it at several Target stores have been running low since June 2011 and at the time of this writing, only one piece is available on the web site.

Another piece of good news is that a high-end Italian fashion house will be launching a collection of apparel and accessories to be sold at Target stores, including swimsuits.² A Missoni bikini can cost up to £300, or about $430, so it isn't surprising that those who want to own a piece of Missoni clothing at a price that is more affordable are highly anticipating the Missoni collection for Target. The Missoni offer will be available for only a limited time in Target stores, from September 13th to October 23rd, 2011.

There are many other brands and designers featured in the Target bathing suits department. These include Mossimo, Xhilaration, and Manhattan Beachwear. In order to choose from the widest swimwear selections available, consumers are encouraged to do their shopping just before summer opens, although there are still plenty of choices even in the summer months of June and July.