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Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arab bikini shoot with huda naccache on a sofa

Huda Naccache shows of some sizzling skimpy Arab bikini pictures, her thumbs pressing down the bikini bottom, no veil included, almost topless...

Huda Naccache in a black bikini on the cover of Lilac magazine

Huda features on the cover of Lilac; an Arab-Israeli magazine revealing a skimpy black sequined bikini under an open white shirt having her thumbs pressing down at the sides of her bikini bottom.

White and red string israeli bikini shoot

The 22 year old model is the first Christian Arab Israeli model to feature a cover in a bikini in Israel. In the west: nothing to frown about, as she is competing for the 2011 Miss Earth competition in Thailand in December this year and campaigning as such.

Huda naccache in bikini and monokini

Huda Naccache is an aspiring model and geography and archaeology student from Haifa city has been taking bikini shots before, but only now gets the much wanted attention featuring on a cover.

Huda Naccache almost topless in a skimpy one piece bathing suit

In the Arab world however it's not that often, not to mention hardly ever to see such a 'daring' shot on the cover of a magazine. Even more daring is the almost topless shot of Huda Naccache wearing a one piece bathing suit that leaves hardly anything to the imagination of the naked eye...

Other shots show her wearing a white and red string 2piece bikini. Her father is fully behind her pictures and wishes his daughter all the best in the Miss Earth competition. Her mother thinks completely the opposite and would have never allowed her daughter to do a bikini shoot.

Huda Naccache stretching in a black bikini

Of course some more traditional Arabs aren't so open to the shoot either. Others call it the Arab bikini revolution hinting to all the other uprisings that are happening in the Arab world.