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Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 star resort Cyberview Resort and Spa

Did you know that there is a 5 start resort tucked away in the hustle and bustle of your city? We already mentioned the The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh. Today we will have a closer look at the Cyberview Resort and Spa in Cyberjaya - the inspiring silicon valley of Malaysia - about an hour's drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

The Cyberview Resort and Spa is your perfect getaway when you want to spend your weekend away from the buzzing noises of the busy city without having to drive for hours and hours in a row. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and water features and hosts chalets, suites and boutique-styled bungalows. Foodwise you can enjoy a bistro and a restaurant and relaxation wise, do pay a visit to the spa.

The Verandah Pan-Asian themed restaurant serves dinner in buffet style, and when I was there, they offered a variety of Japanese, Italian and Malaysian dishes, all while meditating on the idiom: “the slow and steady wins the race”. Breakfast was a bit disappointing to find the typical western-style, however, 'nasi lemak' (the famous Malaysian coconut rice dish for breakfast)is also on the menu! Of course, no need to drive 1 hour to eat: what about the beach?

Arriving at the resort. don't settle for your wonderful room with an inviting four-post-bed, but change into your bathing suit and stroll around to discover the facilities and the pool: a free-form structure complete with jacuzzi and waterfall. The brown pebble stones gives you an illusion of sand and coupled with the reflection of the palm trees lining the pool, you can imagine yourself lying on a far away beach.

Balinese massage in the Sembunyi Spa

For a perfect pampering book the Sembunyi Spa for both a hands and feet manicure and pedicure session, as well as the "Serenity" traditional Balinese massage. The Spa offer a 10 thousand square feet area of peace for your body, mind and soul with the hot jacuzzi, sauna and lappool as well as many other massages and body and facial treatments as the two I mentioned.

You will enjoy the Cyberjaya 5 star resort and spa most when you arrive Friday after work and return back home on Sunday: the perfect beach, spa and resort getaway only 1 hour away from your weekly Kuala Lumpur office life.

Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rachel Uchitel Bikini

Rachel Uchitel shows of her stunning body and perfect curves in a tiny yet gorgeous grey bikini with some black lacy details.

Rachel is one of the many former mistresses of Tiger Woods (that's already 2 years ago ), but is now enjoying her honeymoon at the beaches at the Islands of Loreto. Her resort of choice is the luxurious Villa del Palmar.

Loreto Mexico

The Mexican Loreto islands offer an idyllic honeymoon retreat with secluded, quiet beaches, amazing views and sceneries.

Rachel Uchitel white bikini pics

Yesterday's Rachel Uchitel bikini pics show a tanned and taut Rachel in a skimpy white bikini with some playful colored patterns and at times a well tied up sarong around her waist.

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rawa Island Malaysia

Rawa Island is a beautiful tropical island in Malaysia with really white beaches and deep blue water.

The island is just 16 km away from the coast of Mersing and is also a good starting point for boat trips to visit the surrounding islands because, well... except for the 2 hotels (one of which is for backpackers only) there isn't anything: no shops, no villages, no restaurants, no nothing.

Having said so, you can imagine what well to expect on Rawa island: peace and quietness, not too many tourist and the corals standing exposed in front of you when the tide is low.

Again Mersing is the place to embark on a speed boat that brings you to this tiny island. Depending on the weather, this can be 30 minutes of smooth sailing or 45 minutes to 1 hour of a hellish journey that leaves you soaked from head to toe. So if possible book your transfer in the morning when the sea tends to be more calm.

Rawa island beach

Once you set foot on the island, an unspoilt coral island with white sand beaches and swaying palms awaits you. Did I say white beach? Yes, this must be the most white beach in whole Malaysia. Since you will go there for peace and quietness, avoid the weekends and public holidays when the local Malaysians hop over for a stay. Daytrippers have to pay to enter the private island owned by some Malay prince, which adds to most tourists avoiding the island all together.

For food, you have the choice of the 2 restaurants of the 2 resorts. When the weather is really bad and there are no supplies from the mainland coming in, do enjoy the ultimate freshness of a local catch prepared for you.

Rawa island hammock with sunset

Accommodation is done in basic yet comfortable chalets. Do not expect aircon in the backpackers resort - Le Club Rawa recently renamed Alang Rawa - though, in the other resort - Rawa Safaris Island Resort -, aircon is included and most welcome after soaking up the heath of the sun or just when you want to enjoy a cool night rest. Apart from airconditioning, Rawa Safaris chalets also come with hot water but without TV: however, the sunset you can admire from your beach villa is priceless. Expect to pay at least $130 US per person per night, full board.

Feeding the coral fisches at the beach of Rawa Island

Your typical Rawa day will comprise sunbathing, enjoying the tropical breeze, swimming, snorkeling, diving, relaxing in the hammocks and enjoying the sunset or simply feeding the coral fishes near the jetty or just straight on the beach. If you want some exercise, you can go canoeing or wind surfing: anything that is not motorized is available. Other than that you island hopping or fishing trips can be arranged.

Rawa Island Sunset

Part of the protected marine park, the beautiful blue-green clear sea offers: coral gardens, colorful fish and large shells. Just remember: don't take anything with you and only leave your footprints behind. There is no dive master around, nor can you take diving lessons. However diving equipment can be rented from the shop of the Rawa Safaris Resort.

Rawa Island Lookout Point

Apart from the water and beach activities, you can walk up the hill (15 minutes walk) to the lookout point and have a birds eye view of the island (beach in front, cliffs on the other side) and if you wake up early, to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

You can also walk towards the end of the beach (left direction when facing the sea), climb over some rocks to enter a small cave with a spectacular arch.

Rawa is a gem of an island, a haven of peace that will heal you from your daily stress!

Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terengganu map

Terengganu State, on the east coast of Malaysia, is known for its golden beaches, clear skies and an emerald green sea with many exciting diving and snorkeling spots. Off the beaten track you will find lots of laid back typical Malaysian villages, ideal for low budget backpacker trips.

For the better resorts you can chose between the Primula Beach Resort, the Sutra Beach Resort and the extremely beautiful Tanjung Jara.

Primula Beach Resort

The capital Kuala Terengganu offers the Primula Beach Resort: quit busy and not the cleanest of all beaches.

Sutra Beach Resort

A bit further to the north lies the Sutra Beach Resort: a very peaceful holiday village with a bit more than 100 accommodations and a secluded beach.

Tanjung Jara Resort

Top of the bill is the Tanjung Jara Spa and Resort - from the luxurious YTL hotels - with a beautiful garden and a river. Close by is the beach of Rantau Abang: 1 of the 6 beaches where the rare leatherback turtles lay their eggs between May and September.

Sekayu Recreational Forest

If you love to swim in sweet water, then pay a visit to the Sekayu Recreational Park, 56 km away from Kuala Terengganu. The pristine jungle offers many waterfalls and pools. if you want to witness what the Malaysian women wear when bathing in the water, you will be surprised not to see any bathing suits: people just go in with normal shorts and t-shirts, not to mention the Muslim women still wearing their tudung or veil. And expect lots of locals during the national holidays...

Lake Kenyir

For a more relaxing sweet water experience, go fishing at the artificial Kenyir Lake made by the Kenyir Dam.

Terengganu is about a hours boat trip away from the popular diving, beach and resort destinations of Pulau Rendang, Pulau Lang Tengah and the Perhentian Islands.

Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sunset at Gem Island, Malaysia

Daydreaming in your private paradise at the only resort and spa on Gem Island or Pulau Gemia, a kayak trip away from Kapas island on the east coast of Malaysia.

Gem Island is still undiscovered and therefore a lot quieter than the other islands on the east coast like the Perhentian Island and Tioman. It lies just 15 minutes (5 km) offshore the jetty of Marang and you can reach it just by paddling in a canoe from Kapas Island.

The fun of this island lies in the fact that you can have the private beach all to yourself. This is because the island is overlooked when tourists pass them by traveling to the more touristy Islands of Redang, Perhentian and between these 2: Lang Tengah. Pulau Gemia is the ideal hideout for the local Malaysian during the weekend. Needless to say that when you visit the island during working weekdays, you could end up being the only visitor.

Things to do on the island are relaxing on the beach, reading a book in the swinging rattan chair of your balcony, walking around the 8 acres of rocky island, discovering white sandy private beach coves, having a swim, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, birdwatching on the jetty, jigging squid ('candat sotong'), helping out in the turtle conservation sanctuary or trying to spot a turtle.

Turtle pool and sanctuary at gem island

You can also take a kayak to visit neighboring island Kapas. It's very safe to kayak in the 800m stretch between the 2 islands and especially in the morning you could to spot black-tip sharks around you. Kapas is a typical backpackers island, so a bit more busy than Pulau Gemia. Both islands are breeding grounds for turtles and part of the work of the staff of the Gem Island Resort (the only resort on the island) is seeking out turtle nests. The eggs will be transferred from the secluded beaches to the turtle sanctuary of the Gem Island Resort where they will be incubated and released in a special hatchling pool before returning them back to the sea.

Gem island resort: attached villas on stilts

The island is privately owned and like we mentioned only has 1 resort. Unfortunately for the scenery, the about 50 villa's are typical Malaysian concrete villa's built on stilts, kind of spoiling the exotic, pristine island beach scenery. The advantage of this is that you get luxury compared to the backpackers accommodations in nearby Kapas: nothing compares to the outdoor jacuzzi:

Outdoor jacuzzi with view on the sea surrounding gem island

You can opt for the wooden detached Premier Hideaway Villas, completely secluded in the greenery:

Detached wooden villas from the gem island resort and spa

At the north side of the beach you can relax and enjoy a rejuvenating spa:

Having a rejuvenating massage at the gem island resort and spa

To reach Gem Island, you normally take a domestic flight with MAS (Malaysian Airlines) or AirAsia to Kuala Terengganu. There a taxi can be arranged to take you on an about 1 hour drive to the jetty of Marang.

Gem island map with redang en perhentian islands in Terangganu, Malaysia

There you can choose to embark daily on 1 of the 4 boats that depart from 9am onwards, every 2 hours. Do note that on Friday, the afternoon boats are cancelled due to Friday Muslim prayers.