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Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terengganu map

Terengganu State, on the east coast of Malaysia, is known for its golden beaches, clear skies and an emerald green sea with many exciting diving and snorkeling spots. Off the beaten track you will find lots of laid back typical Malaysian villages, ideal for low budget backpacker trips.

For the better resorts you can chose between the Primula Beach Resort, the Sutra Beach Resort and the extremely beautiful Tanjung Jara.

Primula Beach Resort

The capital Kuala Terengganu offers the Primula Beach Resort: quit busy and not the cleanest of all beaches.

Sutra Beach Resort

A bit further to the north lies the Sutra Beach Resort: a very peaceful holiday village with a bit more than 100 accommodations and a secluded beach.

Tanjung Jara Resort

Top of the bill is the Tanjung Jara Spa and Resort - from the luxurious YTL hotels - with a beautiful garden and a river. Close by is the beach of Rantau Abang: 1 of the 6 beaches where the rare leatherback turtles lay their eggs between May and September.

Sekayu Recreational Forest

If you love to swim in sweet water, then pay a visit to the Sekayu Recreational Park, 56 km away from Kuala Terengganu. The pristine jungle offers many waterfalls and pools. if you want to witness what the Malaysian women wear when bathing in the water, you will be surprised not to see any bathing suits: people just go in with normal shorts and t-shirts, not to mention the Muslim women still wearing their tudung or veil. And expect lots of locals during the national holidays...

Lake Kenyir

For a more relaxing sweet water experience, go fishing at the artificial Kenyir Lake made by the Kenyir Dam.

Terengganu is about a hours boat trip away from the popular diving, beach and resort destinations of Pulau Rendang, Pulau Lang Tengah and the Perhentian Islands.