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Posted on Friday, December 30, 2011
Designer swimwear from the 2012 Bottega Veneta collection
There is no shortage of fans for designer swimwear from famous names in the industry, such as Donna Karan, Bill Blass, and Stella McCartney. The swimsuit collections they release annually are highly anticipated by both industry watchers and consumers, and are thus covered by the media long before the collections themselves are actually released., for instance, has a preview of summer 2012 swimsuits from prominent design houses such as Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, and Chanel.

However, not all women can afford the high prices of haute couture swimwear. Fortunately, there are plenty of other designer swimsuit options that won't have them paying out hundreds of dollars a piece, yet can still give them that feeling of luxury and glamour that comes with wearing a bathing suit or bikini from a well-known brand or designer.

There are many websites today that not only carry more affordable designs from noted designers, they also offer services that make the online shopping experience easier and more convenient. Some sites claim to have designer swimwear that are hard to find, and they will send subscribers an e-mail update whenever new merchandise comes in.

Perfect fit cheap designer swimwear

Then there are sites like, which in addition to carrying selections from famous designers, also has a "Perfect Fit" section that aims to guide a woman to the bathing suit that flatters her body shape and skin coloring the most. Customers can also schedule an appointment with a fashion consultant for a more personalized and face-to-face fitting session.

Discount designer swimwear at

Finally, it would be a mistake to ignore mass retailers such as Target when looking for stylish and branded swimwear. A number of designers have swimsuit collections that they have created specifically for these types of stores. Liz Lange, Mossimo, and Missoni are just three well-known designers whose bathing suits are carried by Target -- and at prices that are very easy on the wallet.

Having designer swimwear doesn't need to be a finance-draining proposition. With the abundance of less expensive options available today, it's a lot easier to find a terrific bathing suit from a well-known designer.
Posted on Friday, December 23, 2011
Vintage Swimwear 2012
Every year, swimsuit designers come out with their new bathing suit collections and they almost always feature vintage swimwear of various cuts, colors, and patterns. This was evident during the spring/summer 2011 fashion season, when the catwalks featured models wearing retro-inspired bikinis and one-piece bathing suits.

Vintage swimwear with digitally printed designs
The trend shows no sign of letting up in the 2012 season. According to fashion web sites such as, vintage-inspired swimwear is set to continue to make its presence known next year. This means consumers can expect to find pinup-girl-inspired designs in stores next spring and summer.

What's more, it's more than just the run-of-the-mill designs that will be in the offering. Some swimwear designs incorporate both vintage and modern aspects, such as the use of digitally printed fabrics that are cut in classic forms.

These classic vintage swimsuit forms include high-waisted bikini bottoms, one-piece bathing suits that have halter tops with thick straps and cinched-in waists, and modestly-cut boyleg bottoms. Patterns and designs encompass the gamut of colors and designs, from cute and girly floral prints to bold and solid abstract patterning to nautically-themed designs.

2012 vintage swimwear collection of Marysia Swim
The appeal of retro-themed swimsuits and the inspiration for them varies according to the viewpoints and feelings of designers. Designer Maria Dobrzanska Reeves from Marysia SWIM, for example, says that her admiration for style icons from decades past, such as Grace Kelly and Lauren Hutton, as well as vintage photographs by Slim Aaron, influenced her decision to create a line of retro swimwear.

One thing's for sure: with the sheer variety of designs, cuts, and patterns that are available now and which will be released soon, women are sure to find the right kind of vintage swimwear that will appeal to their sensibilities, create a flattering appearance by emphasizing their best features, and help them make the type of impact they want on the beach or by the poolside.
Posted on Friday, December 16, 2011
Difference wearing a regular bikini and a push up bikini from Envy Push Up
There are all kinds of swimsuits for all body types, and for women who are looking for a bit of an enhancement in the bust or chest area, the push up bikini is the answer. Various types of swimwear are available to suit different body types, and choosing the right type of bathing suit helps ensure that a woman will look her best on the beach or by the swimming pool.

So what body type is best suited for a push up bikini? As the name implies, this is a two-piece bathing suit that "pushes up" or lends support; in this case, it's the top piece of the swimsuit that does the pushing up. This is why push up bikinis are very popular with small-busted women, or those that wear a small bra cup size.

Yellow push up bikini swimsuit from Victorias Secret

In addition to lending an appearance of a larger cup size, a push up bra also creates cleavage and makes a woman appear more curvy on top. How is this achieved? Some swimsuit tops, like the above Victoria Secret's MiracleBra, have pads that can be removed or replaced; these pads are made of either fabric or a kind of soft gel.

Some push up bikini tops have a thin underwire in the seam that helps push up the breasts. So it isn't just small-busted ladies who stand to benefit from this type of swimwear. It's also suitable for women who need a bit of support in the chest area to improve the appearance of a sagging bustline.

Some bikinis look good not only when worn out of the water, they retain their fit and shape and don't lose their capacity to give firm support even when it gets wet when the woman wearing it goes swimming, surfing, or sailing.

One good example of this is the Envy Push Up Bikini from Voda Swim. The bikini's material doesn't absorb large amounts of water, so it stays in shape even when it gets wet. Even without any underwire and or stiff padding, many women rave about how it creates a natural-looking larger bust size and how it feels and looks comfortable in and out of the water.
Posted on Thursday, December 08, 2011
Selena Gomez blue bikini
Justin Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez tanning next to the pool in a blue bikini while here boyfriend is snapping away her sexy poses on his camera.

Selena is wearing a bright aqua blue 2 piece bikini and adds large hoop shaped golden earrings to her poolside look. The pair is on a vacation in a resort in Cabo, Mexico, attending the wedding of Selena's close friend and costume designer Shannon Larossi.

Justin Bieber topless, Selena Gomez in bikini

On the beach and in the ocean, Justin was wearing a pair of cut off denims and Selena added open hot pants to her outfit before the 2 went jet skiing and were seen taking pictures of each other whilst drinking a healthy pink smoothie. Truly summer love in the midst of December.

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