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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Women's swimwear come in all sorts of designs nowadays, and when it comes to sheer variety it's hard to beat Victoria Secret bathing suits. Though the brand is primarily known for its lingerie offerings, its swimwear line has nevertheless enjoyed immense popularity over the years.

New Victoria Secret bathing suits collection 2012 with bikini models Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel

This year promises to be no different. In March 2012, the company launched its summer 2012 swimwear collection with an event at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. There was a mini-fashion show, featuring two Victoria's Secret Angels: Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel, who provided a sneak peek of the swimwear collection by modeling some of the bathing suits.

There are numerous styles featured in the 2012 Victoria Secret bathing suits series. These include bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, halters, and bandeaus. There's also a full complement of cover-ups to complete one's summer beach ensemble. Inspired by Brazil, the collection is unsurprisingly filled with bold colors and bright patterns.

Red Victoria Secret magicsuit swimwear with adjustable straps, foam padding, fully lined and full bottom coverage using spandex.

One doesn't necessarily need to have a body like that of a Victoria's Secret Angel in order to look ravishing in a Victoria's Secret bathing suit. There are several swimwear brands from the company, and some items in the collections are designed to help shape the body and provide firm support. The Magicsuit line, for instance, promises "sexy support and shaping," and features halter tankini tops, convertible swim dresses, and retro one-piece swimsuits, among others.

Women with a small bustline would welcome the new Forever Sexy Collection. The available sizes in the line are from 32A to 38DD, and the push-up bras come with removable padding. Styles include tankinis, halters, bikinis, and skirted bottoms. Other swimsuit brands offered by Victoria's Secret are the Beach Sexy, Gorgeous, Very Sexy, Forever Sexy, BioFit Swim Tops, and Bombshell Swim Tops.

Victorias Secret bikini mixer mixes and matches bikini tops and bottoms from different styles and different designs

Women can opt to shop by bikini top or bikini bottom, but because of the large variety of offerings, it can be overwhelming to choose which top goes with which bottom. To that end, the Victoria's Secret web site launched the Bikini Mixer feature. This helps shoppers mi x and match from among the various styles and designs in order to come up with the mix that's just perfect for them. Aside from the official web site, Victoria Secret bathing suits are also available in various retail stores in the U.S. and Canada.
Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012
Jerry Hall (54) in a bikiniShopping for swimwear is a dreaded task for many, and some people think that only young women can carry off sexy swimsuits. Such people are sadly mistaken for there are numerous stylish and beautiful bathing suits for women over 40.

The Internet is filled with pictures of celebrities in their 40s who are seen cavorting in a bathing suit on the beach. However, a woman in her forties doesn't necessarily need to have a body like Jerry Hall's, Jennifer Anniston's or Demi Moore's to rock a swimsuit.

As long as a woman chooses a bathing suit that flatters her figure -- one that downplays the more unattractive parts of her body and draws attention to her assets -- then there's no reason why she can't look stunning on the beach or by the poolside during summer.

An informal survey commissioned by Diet Chef and carried out among 2,000 respondents found that many women wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a bikini while on holiday. However, the same survey revealed that as long as a woman is attractive, slim and healthy, then she can wear whatever she wants even at an advanced age.

Not all women, not even those in their teens, twenties or thirties, can carry off ultra-revealing swimsuits such as monokinis; their physique simply isn't right for it. But many bathing suits for women over 40, especially for those who are carrying a few extra pounds, can be sexy too, in a different way.

Take, for example, the Miraclesuit brand of swimwear. It utilizes the Miratex fabric technology that functions better than spandex in providing support and shaping the body. It not only helps hide the problem areas of plus-size women, it also holds up well in the water and is therefore suitable for swimming exercises and other water activies.

Then there's the swimsuit line called Assets by Sara Blakely. One particular model, a black halter swim dress, has a number of good reviews. Satisfied consumers say it's a very flattering swimsuit, whether the women wearing it has had children or is in her forties.

There are many other types of bathing suits for women over 40. The trick is to find that feels comfortable, and that goes a long way towards making a women look sexy too.
Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012
Bluck plus sized maternity bathing suit

Women who are both plus size and pregnant have no shortage of options when it comes to plus size maternity bathing suits. With the numerous selections available today, choosing one that looks great and feels comfortable is easier than ever.

Health experts say swimming is one of the best exercises a pregnant woman can undertake since it improves circulation, burns calories, and enhances muscle strength and tone, among other things. Plus, the feeling of weightlessness and buoyancy in the water helps her achieve all these benefits without undue strain. As long as there are no problems in the pregnancy and if her doctor approves, a woman should be able to enjoy the health benefits of swimming during the whole duration of her pregnancy.

This is one of the major areas where choosing the right type of swimsuit is important. Plus size maternity bathing suits are designed to provide the support that a pregnant body needs. Several areas of the body aside from the belly will usually increase in size during pregnancy, notably the chest and hips, and accommodating these changes properly with the right type of swimsuit will help ensure both a beautiful appearance and a comfortable experience in and out of the water.

Blue bikini for plus sized pregnant women

There are many pregnancy bathing suit styles from which to choose. There's the classic one-piece silhouette that's always a popular option. Bikinis and tankinis for plus-size women who are pregnant are also widely available. Swim skirts or swim dresses are also in vogue because of the comfort they provide and the feminine appeal they project. You can find many of these types of swimwear, particularly those made by noted plus-size bathing suit companies Miraclesuit and Gottex, on the web site of Nordstrom.

Liz Lane plus sized maternity bathing suit for sale at Target

The stores of retail company Target are also good places for finding beautiful and affordably-priced plus size pregnancy bathing suits, including swim shorts. Target carries swimsuits designed by Liz Lange for both plus size and pregnant women. However, Target only ships to customers within the United States. International customers may want to consider sites like, which offers a range of plus size maternity bathing suits and coverups from various brands.
Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012
Girl wearing a blue slingshot bikini sitting on a beachtowel

If you want to catch everyone's attention on the beach or by the poolside, then wearing a slingshot bikini is probably your best option next to going all-out naked. Also known as the suspender bikini, slingshot maillot, suspender thong, or simply sling bikini, it bares just as much skin, or even more, than a regular bikini does.

Slingshot string bikini

Basically, the sling bikini is just like the traditional bikini bottom. But instead of the straps going around the hips, they stretch straight up across the torso to cover the nipples, go around the neck, then reach down the back to end as a thong between the buttocks. The bottom is cut very high up on the hips and normally covers just the pubic area, while the sides of the torso and a large part of the breasts are exposed because there's hardly anything covering them.

There are several variations to the slingshot bikini. Some have the bottom's straps going around the hips in addition to straps that go around the neck. Then there are the designs that cover even a smaller amount of skin; they're basically just pieces of string attached to tiny scraps of cloth that barely cover the genital area and the nipples.

Borat wearing his mankini costume promoting the movie at a beach in Cannes, France

The most iconic image of the sling bikini is probably the one where actor Sasha Baron Cohen wore a neon green one -- also known as a "mankini" -- at a beach in Cannes, France, to promote his movie Borat. The trend caught on and today, quite a number of men are buying Borat-inspired slingshot swimwear.

It is the sling bikini's tendency to expose the breasts and other areas of the body that makes it very popular in glamour shots that are published in swimsuit magazines, swimsuit calendars and the like. In real life, though, it's more likely to be seen at private or all-adult beaches and in areas in the world where exposure of a great amount of skin is a non-issue, like South America and some parts of Europe.

However, calling a sling bikini a swimsuit isn't very accurate if you think about it, since it's hardly practical or suitable for swimming. This is because the straps tend to slip out of place when the person wearing it is moving in the water.

But setting aside the issue of functionality, a slingshot bikini is the way to go for women -- and men -- who have the right build to carry it off, and who are looking for heads to turn their way on a sunny day at the beach or pool.
Posted on Friday, February 03, 2012
Longitude Swimwear collection 2012

Many women with long torsos used to find it challenging to discover the right type of swimsuit that flatters their physique. But nowadays, swimsuit brands such as Longitude Swimwear have made it easier for women with such builds to enjoy bathing suits that are both attractive and suitable for water activities.

60's-70's vintage one piece bathing suits from Robby Len Longitude for sale at Etsy

Longitude was previously known as Robby Len Longitude swimwear, and the brand has been offering various bathing suits since the 1950s. Many of the company's vintage bathing suits have numerous fans and those interested in collecting and/or wearing Longitude's classic designs from decades ago can purchase them online on sites such as Etsy and eBay. Today's Longitude bathing suit collections have expanded considerably and include a variety of designs, cuts and patterns for long-torsoed women ranging from small to plus sizes.

Some tall women, or those with long torsos, complain about how many of the one-piece swimsuits available in the market do not stretch up far enough or only stretch wider. Another problem is that tankinis, or bathing suits that combine a tank top and a bikini bottom, fail to stay in place when the user is swimming laps. Longitude Swimwear addresses these problems by having bathing suits whose bottoms do not rise and whose straps do not tug or chafe at the shoulders.

The range of swimsuits from Longitude can be seen on the sites of online retailers such as The collection for the 2012 season showcases features that have a slenderizing effect, such as dark and bold prints, which control the appearance of the tummy. The bathing suits flatter long torsos through accents such as ruffles in the chest area and moderate openings for the legs. The swimwear's soft cup bra also provided ample bust support while the nylon and Spandex fabric composition ensure that they are comfortable to wear., one of the biggest retailers on the Internet, also offers a wide range of Longitude Swimwear. In addition to the traditional one-piece tank swimsuits, you can also find Longitude swimdresses and tankini swimwear as well as Longitude swimsuit coverups in various sizes.
Posted on Friday, January 27, 2012
Rihanna wearing a silver monokini swimwear on a cruise in Hawaii

Monokini swimwear is one of the more revealing types of swimsuits. Looking at it from the back, it's easy to mistake it for a bikini. Seen from the front, however, its deviation from the usual bikini is readily apparent . It doesn't leave the midriff totally uncovered; instead, the swimsuit's top and bottom pieces are connected, usually along the midriff and leaving the sides of the torso bare. This is why it is also known as a cutout swimsuit.
First topless monokini bathing suit design from Rudi Genreich
But during the monokini's early days, only the wearer's bottom part was covered. When Austrian-American designer Rudi Gernreich launched the original monokini in the early 1960s, it caused quite a controversy since it left the breasts uncovered. It consisted of just a bikini bottom that covered the stomach and part of the upper thighs, and two attached thin straps that went around the neck.

Today, monokini swimwear generally covers the bust area, although there are still designs that remain true to Gernreich's vision and leave the chest bare. These are mostly seen in areas where topless bathing is permitted. Those who prefer not to go topless but still want to show off their figures in a revealing swimsuit have plenty of other design options to choose from.

Various monokini bathing suits are available from both top-notch fashion designers, which can cost hundreds of dollars, to more affordable versions from mass retailers like Wal-Mart. Both resources are popular among countless women.

AnnaLynne McCord in a neon pink cutaway monokini swimsuit

As an example, there's TV actress AnnaLynne McCord, who has been photographed wearing designer monokinis from brands such as Juicy Couture and Calvin Klein. However, there's also a picture of her wearing a $13 monokini that she bought from Wal-Mart. Then there are also photographs of singer Rihanna in Hawaii clad in a revealing silver monokini (see top picture).

There are numerous monokini variations that a woman can choose from in order to draw attention to the best parts of her body. Some monokini bottoms are high cut, exposing a lot of thigh, while others are more modest. The rear part may be cut in the g-string style to bare the buttocks or be like the more traditional bikini to provide more coverage. Monokini swimwear tops are available in a variety of styles as well: from bandeau cuts to halter tops to deep-vee necklines that go down to almost the navel.
Posted on Friday, January 20, 2012
Heidi Klum modelling one piece swimsuits for women for Sports Illustrated Magazine

With all the varieties of bathing suits available out there, one piece swimsuits for women remain a firm favorite among many. The number of styles have increased and evolved since this type of swimsuit's emergence into popular culture almost one hundred years ago and today women can choose from among practically hundreds of cuts and designs, some of which have been featured in magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

Modern one piece bathing suits: Rag & Bone Elizabeth One-Piece Swimsuit, Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah Maillot, Vpl Swimsuit

The basic one-piece bathing suit design is also known as the maillot (from the French phrase maillot de bain, meaning bathing shirt) or tank suit. The most familiar design would be the one that covers the torso, has straps that go over the shoulders, and a scoop or square neckline. However, there are numerous variations to this basic design. Some swimsuits have halter-type straps, some have sleeves or no straps at all. Some have deeply plunging necklines or expose the abdomen; some provide full or extensive back coverage while others don't.

The bottom parts of one-piece bathing suits for women also come in various styles. Some designs are modest-looking, covering the hips or in the case of boy-cut suits, even go down to cover the tops of the thighs. French-cut swimsuits, on the other hand, are more revealing since the leg openings are cut high to show the hips.

Black Pretzel one pice bathing suit with cross front and back, wide straps, high cut legs and full rear coverage

Generally speaking, one piece swimsuits for women are thought to be more conservative than two-piece swimsuits or bikinis. This isn't always the case, however. Two styles, called the "Pretzel" and the "Slingshot" can show just as much skin -- or even more -- than a bikini does. These suits leave very little to the imagination since they expose much of the buttocks, breasts, hips and abdomen.

Ines Sastre wearing a one piece bathing suit

Since single-piece swimsuits are available in such a wide variety of cuts and patterns, it isn't surprising that many women of all ages, body types and sizes have at least one in their wardrobe, since the right one can flatter any physique. Plus size women, pregnant women, young girls, celebrities: they can all be seen looking sexy and comfortable in one piece swimsuits for women.
Posted on Friday, January 13, 2012
Sun protective swimwear UPF 50+ from Hydrochic

People baring large amounts of skin while on the beach or by the poolside is a common enough sight, but it isn't always the best idea. With skin cancer being the most common form of cancer in the United States, it's in one's best health interest to wear sun protective swimwear more often.¹

This type of swimsuit does more than just protect from sunburn, it also shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Threepio UPF 50+ sun protection bathing suit with UV blocking

Bathing suits and other sun protective clothing are made from fabrics such as nylon, cotton, and spandex. A UV-protective swimsuit covers a lot more skin than a bikini does, but design and stylishness are not compromised.

Women shoppers can choose from among a variety of rash guards, halter-type tops, short sleeved tops, swim shorts and swim skirts. Some outdoor clothing brands, such as HydroChic, offer UV-safe swim shirts, skirts, shorts and skorts that can be worn by themselves, without the need to wear a swimsuit underneath for reasons of modesty.²

Sun protective bathing suits for the whole family from Australian clothing company Stingray®

Rash guards, long sleeved swim shirts, and board shorts that protect from UV rays are available for men. Similarly, there is no shortage of options when it comes to sun protective swimwear for children and infants.

How can you tell if your swimsuit is providing sufficient UV protection? The best way would be to learn about the fabric's Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. A number of countries have implemented standards for sun protective fabrics, and in the U.S. these standards were introduced in 2001. According to the American Melanoma Foundation, clothes that has UPF ratings of 40, 45, and 50+ offer excellent protection since they block up to 98 percent of UV rays.³

With the knowledge that overexposure to UV rays can have very harmful health effects, it makes perfect sense to protect yourself and those you love from them. Wearing sun protective swimwear, no matter what your age or gender, and whether you choose to play in the water or just lounge around on the beach or poolside, goes a long way toward achieving this goal.
Posted on Friday, January 06, 2012
Freya Swimwear Disco bikini from the 2012 collection
Shopping for swimsuits is a nightmare for many women, but it doesn't have to be that way. The secret to looking fantastic in a bathing suit lies in finding one that fits perfectly, emphasizing the body's best assets and drawing attention away from problem areas. Fortunately, there are options today like Freya swimwear that make choosing swimsuits a fun and satisfying experience for women of all sizes.