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Posted on Friday, January 06, 2012
Freya Swimwear Disco bikini from the 2012 collection
Shopping for swimsuits is a nightmare for many women, but it doesn't have to be that way. The secret to looking fantastic in a bathing suit lies in finding one that fits perfectly, emphasizing the body's best assets and drawing attention away from problem areas. Fortunately, there are options today like Freya swimwear that make choosing swimsuits a fun and satisfying experience for women of all sizes.

Freya is a company based in Great Britain that is fast gaining an excellent reputation among women of various ages. Freya's vision is to provide great-fitting and beautiful lingerie and swimwear that every woman deserves, and it certainly seems like they are doing this to the satisfaction of many of their customers.

Evidence of this can be seen online, such as the user forums on the web site of "Vogue Australia" magazine. On a long-running thread in that forum, Freya is one of the top brands recommended by consumers for big-busted women who have a hard time finding a great-fitting swimsuit.

It should be noted that while many Freya swimwear designs are flattering for plus-size women, it isn't just necessarily those women who benefit the most from Freya's bikinis and bathing suits. Women who wear small dress sizes yet need very large bra cups are a big part of Freya's market demographics. A size 28 woman who has a JJ cup, for example, would have no trouble finding the perfect swimsuit from Freya's selection of swimwear.

Freya swimwear Fever collection 2012: a black tankini bikini top and skirted brief

And what an extensive selection it is! Freya will be launching several collections in the first quarter of 2012, the full range of which can be previewed on their web site freyalingerie dot com. The Disco bikini, for instance, features a funky disco ball design and will be available in D to GG cups.

The Fever collection includes a tankini, a one-piece bathing suit, and several bikini styles, and will be available in C to JJ cup sizes. There is also a selection of Freya swimwear coverups such as jersey dresses and caftans.