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Posted on Friday, January 20, 2012
Heidi Klum modelling one piece swimsuits for women for Sports Illustrated Magazine

With all the varieties of bathing suits available out there, one piece swimsuits for women remain a firm favorite among many. The number of styles have increased and evolved since this type of swimsuit's emergence into popular culture almost one hundred years ago and today women can choose from among practically hundreds of cuts and designs, some of which have been featured in magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

Modern one piece bathing suits: Rag & Bone Elizabeth One-Piece Swimsuit, Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah Maillot, Vpl Swimsuit

The basic one-piece bathing suit design is also known as the maillot (from the French phrase maillot de bain, meaning bathing shirt) or tank suit. The most familiar design would be the one that covers the torso, has straps that go over the shoulders, and a scoop or square neckline. However, there are numerous variations to this basic design. Some swimsuits have halter-type straps, some have sleeves or no straps at all. Some have deeply plunging necklines or expose the abdomen; some provide full or extensive back coverage while others don't.

The bottom parts of one-piece bathing suits for women also come in various styles. Some designs are modest-looking, covering the hips or in the case of boy-cut suits, even go down to cover the tops of the thighs. French-cut swimsuits, on the other hand, are more revealing since the leg openings are cut high to show the hips.

Black Pretzel one pice bathing suit with cross front and back, wide straps, high cut legs and full rear coverage

Generally speaking, one piece swimsuits for women are thought to be more conservative than two-piece swimsuits or bikinis. This isn't always the case, however. Two styles, called the "Pretzel" and the "Slingshot" can show just as much skin -- or even more -- than a bikini does. These suits leave very little to the imagination since they expose much of the buttocks, breasts, hips and abdomen.

Ines Sastre wearing a one piece bathing suit

Since single-piece swimsuits are available in such a wide variety of cuts and patterns, it isn't surprising that many women of all ages, body types and sizes have at least one in their wardrobe, since the right one can flatter any physique. Plus size women, pregnant women, young girls, celebrities: they can all be seen looking sexy and comfortable in one piece swimsuits for women.