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Posted on Friday, February 03, 2012
Longitude Swimwear collection 2012

Many women with long torsos used to find it challenging to discover the right type of swimsuit that flatters their physique. But nowadays, swimsuit brands such as Longitude Swimwear have made it easier for women with such builds to enjoy bathing suits that are both attractive and suitable for water activities.

60's-70's vintage one piece bathing suits from Robby Len Longitude for sale at Etsy

Longitude was previously known as Robby Len Longitude swimwear, and the brand has been offering various bathing suits since the 1950s. Many of the company's vintage bathing suits have numerous fans and those interested in collecting and/or wearing Longitude's classic designs from decades ago can purchase them online on sites such as Etsy and eBay. Today's Longitude bathing suit collections have expanded considerably and include a variety of designs, cuts and patterns for long-torsoed women ranging from small to plus sizes.

Some tall women, or those with long torsos, complain about how many of the one-piece swimsuits available in the market do not stretch up far enough or only stretch wider. Another problem is that tankinis, or bathing suits that combine a tank top and a bikini bottom, fail to stay in place when the user is swimming laps. Longitude Swimwear addresses these problems by having bathing suits whose bottoms do not rise and whose straps do not tug or chafe at the shoulders.

The range of swimsuits from Longitude can be seen on the sites of online retailers such as The collection for the 2012 season showcases features that have a slenderizing effect, such as dark and bold prints, which control the appearance of the tummy. The bathing suits flatter long torsos through accents such as ruffles in the chest area and moderate openings for the legs. The swimwear's soft cup bra also provided ample bust support while the nylon and Spandex fabric composition ensure that they are comfortable to wear., one of the biggest retailers on the Internet, also offers a wide range of Longitude Swimwear. In addition to the traditional one-piece tank swimsuits, you can also find Longitude swimdresses and tankini swimwear as well as Longitude swimsuit coverups in various sizes.