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Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012
Bluck plus sized maternity bathing suit

Women who are both plus size and pregnant have no shortage of options when it comes to plus size maternity bathing suits. With the numerous selections available today, choosing one that looks great and feels comfortable is easier than ever.

Health experts say swimming is one of the best exercises a pregnant woman can undertake since it improves circulation, burns calories, and enhances muscle strength and tone, among other things. Plus, the feeling of weightlessness and buoyancy in the water helps her achieve all these benefits without undue strain. As long as there are no problems in the pregnancy and if her doctor approves, a woman should be able to enjoy the health benefits of swimming during the whole duration of her pregnancy.

This is one of the major areas where choosing the right type of swimsuit is important. Plus size maternity bathing suits are designed to provide the support that a pregnant body needs. Several areas of the body aside from the belly will usually increase in size during pregnancy, notably the chest and hips, and accommodating these changes properly with the right type of swimsuit will help ensure both a beautiful appearance and a comfortable experience in and out of the water.

Blue bikini for plus sized pregnant women

There are many pregnancy bathing suit styles from which to choose. There's the classic one-piece silhouette that's always a popular option. Bikinis and tankinis for plus-size women who are pregnant are also widely available. Swim skirts or swim dresses are also in vogue because of the comfort they provide and the feminine appeal they project. You can find many of these types of swimwear, particularly those made by noted plus-size bathing suit companies Miraclesuit and Gottex, on the web site of Nordstrom.

Liz Lane plus sized maternity bathing suit for sale at Target

The stores of retail company Target are also good places for finding beautiful and affordably-priced plus size pregnancy bathing suits, including swim shorts. Target carries swimsuits designed by Liz Lange for both plus size and pregnant women. However, Target only ships to customers within the United States. International customers may want to consider sites like, which offers a range of plus size maternity bathing suits and coverups from various brands.