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Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012
Jerry Hall (54) in a bikiniShopping for swimwear is a dreaded task for many, and some people think that only young women can carry off sexy swimsuits. Such people are sadly mistaken for there are numerous stylish and beautiful bathing suits for women over 40.

The Internet is filled with pictures of celebrities in their 40s who are seen cavorting in a bathing suit on the beach. However, a woman in her forties doesn't necessarily need to have a body like Jerry Hall's, Jennifer Anniston's or Demi Moore's to rock a swimsuit.

As long as a woman chooses a bathing suit that flatters her figure -- one that downplays the more unattractive parts of her body and draws attention to her assets -- then there's no reason why she can't look stunning on the beach or by the poolside during summer.

An informal survey commissioned by Diet Chef and carried out among 2,000 respondents found that many women wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a bikini while on holiday. However, the same survey revealed that as long as a woman is attractive, slim and healthy, then she can wear whatever she wants even at an advanced age.

Not all women, not even those in their teens, twenties or thirties, can carry off ultra-revealing swimsuits such as monokinis; their physique simply isn't right for it. But many bathing suits for women over 40, especially for those who are carrying a few extra pounds, can be sexy too, in a different way.

Take, for example, the Miraclesuit brand of swimwear. It utilizes the Miratex fabric technology that functions better than spandex in providing support and shaping the body. It not only helps hide the problem areas of plus-size women, it also holds up well in the water and is therefore suitable for swimming exercises and other water activies.

Then there's the swimsuit line called Assets by Sara Blakely. One particular model, a black halter swim dress, has a number of good reviews. Satisfied consumers say it's a very flattering swimsuit, whether the women wearing it has had children or is in her forties.

There are many other types of bathing suits for women over 40. The trick is to find that feels comfortable, and that goes a long way towards making a women look sexy too.