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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Are you relocating to another city like Los Angeles or just within the city of Los Angeles and California? The thought of having to pack, organise and unpack boxes after boxes is overwhelming indeed.   Then there are other issues of insurance, safety and security of your cargo. So the best solution is to leave it to the professional movers.

First and foremost before even considering a professional mover, one has to check that the mover is registered with the United States Department of Transportation.  Do not assume that the license number listed on the mover's website is the real deal as one must do an online verification of the movers license. This license number called the US DOT number is renewed annually and as such the validity should be checked first here: Where to check Moving Company License. If the company violates any laws or or accident prone, the licenses will be cancelled. So verification is very important to ensure that one does not end up with a mover that is unlicensed that will create unnecessary issues with your move.

Getting a professional to help you with the move will go a long way to make your house moving stress free and in the shortest possible time. They will be able to advise you on the preparation that needs to be done before the movers come in, and also how to pack your stuff (which is advisable) and what items that should be hand carried personally, and what to do with your pets during the day of moving. Basically everything will be thought out and nothing will be left to chance to ensure that the move goes without any hitches or hiccups.

Also the issue of the cost of the move will be dealt with upfront and one will not be surprised by any hidden fees at the end of the move. So there is total transparency to avoid any unpleasant surprises for the house owners.